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Albatross is built on a foundation of Albion Bowers’ 37 years at NASA working as a research scientist and aerospace engineer. Our ability to work with teams in the aviation and aerospace industries is tied directly to the vast amount of knowledge and experience he built during his career. 

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Ultra-Efficient Aircraft Design

The recent discovery and application of the 1933 Prandtl Bell Span Load theory by Al’s team at NASA has completely changed the world of ultra-efficient aircraft design. Through applying the Bell Span Load theory to aircraft design, Al has proven a 68-70% improvement in overall efficiency – opening the door to a whole new world of ultra-efficient aircraft design.

Learn more about 1933 Prandtl and the foundational elements of this research in The History section of our site. 

Ultra-Quiet Propellor Design

The evolution of the Minimum Induced Loss theory is 1933 Prandtl for propellors. The benefits that are experienced with airframes and aircraft design are also applicable to propellors. The benefits include an increase in usable thrust, a decrease in required torque, and a massive 88% reduction in sound production. 

The future of ultra-quiet propellors is here. Reach out to start the conversation today about designing and building a propellor for your specific application.